Тунгусский метеорит.

July 30, 1908 occured the falling of Tungysky meteorit. It was folowwed by the events showing on the powerful energy discharge. The fire sphere seen on the territory of hundred kilometers; powerful thunderstorms, the air wave, twice turning the Earth and registrated in many countries and a small earthquake in Irkutsk region. All this proved an extremely character of a catastrophe. The falling occured in a taiga in the base of Podkamennaya Tunguska river. The nearest small village was 100 km away and only in 1927 the first investigators came there. They saw a dreadful picture of a collapse: all the trees on the square of 40 km in diameter were fallen. But in the epicentre there was a "telegraphic" wood: trees without any branch. And neither they nor the later expeditions found the fragment of meteorit's crater.

The end of the XXth century has not brought the final decision of Tungysky problem. The most real hypothesis is that Tungysky body was a core or a fragment of a core of an old comet which had passed the Sun several times and had lost its ices. And the small parts of it were destroyed and turned into the dust and the air wave made all the destructions.

Tha air wave after the falling of Tungysky meteorit Tha air wave which made the trees fall down after the sloping stroke and after the vertical stroke the branches were felled and the "telegraphic" wood was "made".



The "telegraphic" wood on
    the place of Tungysky meteorit fallingThe "telegraphic" wood on the place of Tungysky meteorit falling. The photo was made by L.A. Kylik during one of the first expeditions. The map was drawn later.



The substance of the metioritSmall balls (d < 1 mm) from the place of the large meteorit falling. This is the substance of that metiorit. Such balls are found at the place of Tungyssky meteorit falling.


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