The unique object SS 433.

The unique object SS 433

This object from the Eagle constellation is put down on the many world star catalogues. First before 1978 it was not so interesting, but American and Italian scientists registrated three emission lines system of hydrogen and helium. Except the main bright and stable lines they included the two system of the line - satellites "walking" along the spectrum with the period of 163 days. These displacements say about the substance motion in the two opposite directions.

One of its components is a massive star with temperature about 30 thousand Kelvinís and luminance about million times more then the Sunís one.

The X-ray investigations showed that SS 433 - neutron star or a black hole. The compact source is surrounded by the nontransparent and very Bright plasma cloud with the temperature about hundred thousand degrees.

The SS 433 modern picture includes the giant star with high temperature and luminance as well as its satellite. All the system is cored by plasma as by corona. The electrons coming from the jets have a giant energy; hit 24-25 electrons from the ionized iron's atoms.

SS 433 is a unique occurrence in our galaxy.

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