The small planets (asteroids) are the Solar system solids with diameter from 1 to 1000 km. The summary mass of all the small planetes is 1/700 of the Earth's math. The orbits of the majority of the small planets are situated between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter (so-called asteroid's zone). The most famous small planets are: Cerera(n1); Pallada(n2); Junona(n4); Erot; Amur; Jidalgo; Ikar.

Among the small planets of the Solar system Ikar is of grear interest. It was discovered in 1949, its diameter is about 1km. The orbit is nearly crossed with the Earth’s orbit and while the maximum approaching of these bodies the distance between them is about 7 million km. such approaching of Ikar and the Earth occurs once 19 years (the last was in 1987).

Ikar a small planet ¹1566) diameter is about 1 km, discovered by B. Baade (USA, 1949). The period of rotation is 409 days. It is coming near the Earth to the distance of 7 mln km.

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