The porcel from Mars.

On August 7, 1996 NASA held a conference devoted to the outstanding discovery of american scientists. In the meteorit, probably of marsian origin they found the traces of microorganism and other signs of past life existance on the red planet. This was so significant that the president Bill Clinton congratulated the scientists.

Meteorite from Mars
The meteorite and bacteria traces (the back ground)

Here is a history of this meteorite. Its space age is 1,5 - 3,6 billions years. At that time it was formed in Mars crust. 16 million years ago the comet’s strike “Knock out” this fragment from Mars crust in to space. Overcoming the planet’s gravitation it moved like a separate celestial body up to the moment when 13 thousand years ago it met the Earth and fell in Antarctica, where it was found in 1984. Having laid 9 years on the shelf the meteorite ALA84001 (its weight - 1,9kg) has got to the specialists. First they found the carbonate balls in it (carbonates are the carbon’s compounds). Then the “guest” from another planet was examined by the electron microscope.

On the received photographs the formations were perfectly seen, that resembled bacteria. And near them there were discovered the traces of organic compositions - the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. In the edges of the carbon balls they found the microspecies of oxide and sulphide of iron. From the terrestrial fossils investigation experience it was known that these species were the products of bacteria vital functions

May these bacteria have the terrestrial origin? The answer was given negative, because the deeper in the meteorite the more were the species number. At the soiling by the terrestrial bacteria it was quite the reverse.

At last with the help of the laser mass - spectrograph they found the organic compounds in the meteorite.

And only after the systematizing of all these facts, the astronomers decided to publish them in the prestige american magazine “Science”. The nine reviewer read the article and approved it. The article was published in 16th August 1996 a week after the press conference, from which we had begun this story.

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