Giant radiotelescope in Aresibo.

Giant radiotelescope in Aresibo

The biggest radio-telescope (300-metres) with the parabolic aerial was created in Arisibo on the Puerto Rico. It is designed, built and trained and operated in the National centre of astronomic and ionosphere investigations in the USA. The telescope is placed in a natural pit in the mountains. In the height of 150 m above the giant mirror the 600-tones platform is fixed by the steel ropes. People can rise there by the haning bridge or a cable way. The travelling part of the platform is turning around the own axis. The computer controlled cabin with the radiation sourses and receives moves on the reels along the platform that is how radio-telescope is set on the investigated sourse. Due to the stability of the aerial the observations of any sourse can not be durated more then 2 hours. But this deficiency is compensated by the large mirror square giving the high sensitivity. This telescope may serve as a transmitting aerial. In such a way the most exceptional experiments on the radiolocation of the Sun, the Moon and the planets of the Solar system are carried out.

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