Space vehicle "Apollo-11".

Space vehicle "Apollo-11"

Apollo” is a series of american spaceships for three persons; the programme of their designed and flying. The main aim is to carry the cosmonauts on the Moon, there are also pilotless flights and the spacemen's flights around the Earth, the "Apollo" modification were used to carry the cosmonauts on the orbit station “Skylab” and joined with the Soviet spaceship "Sojus-19" on the programme APAS. The maximum starting mass is near 47 t, the volume of the living parts - 12,7 m?. In 1968 - 1975 15 spaceships were launched with 38 cosmonauts on board; 6 "Apollo" successfully carried the lunar expeditions (in 1962 - 1972 in "Apollo-11", -12, -14, -17). 12 cosmonauts landed in the Moon. The first was N. Armstrong in "Apollo-11", E. Aldrin (1969) (ńě. D. Irvin on the Moon). The maximum time of the being in the Moon is 75 hours ("Apollo-17", 1972).

The landing place of the spaceship "Apollo-11"

The landing place of the spaceship "Apollo-11" was in the Sea of Stillness. The astronauts Nill Armstrong and E. Aldrin landed in the 20th of June 1969. They gathered 22 kg of lunar soil species. All the operatio took 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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